Named Entities Workshop (NEWS) 2010
ACL 2010 Workshop 9
16 July

Latest workshop updates

30 May 2010

Release of Final Program

Please see program page for the details of final program.


10 May 2010

Camera-ready version of papers due on 12 May

We would like to remind the participants that camera-ready (final mansucript) versions of their system and research papers are due on 12 May 2010.


5 Apr 2010

Mining task reference data available

Reference data for transliteration mining tasks is available for download from corpora page. Evaluation script is also available for download from the page with the instructions on how to use the script.


31 Mar 2010

Generation task reference data is available

We have released the reference sets for the generation tasks. The files can be downloaded from the corpora page. You can only download the reference sets for the tasks for which you have submitted at least one run.


29 Mar 2010

Shared task results are available

Shared tasks results are now available.

The first time you attempt to access your results you will be asked whether your name and organisation can be shown to other participants. If you do not agree, other participants will see your results as an "Anonymous submission".


19 Mar 2010

Submission of results is now open

Submission of runs for both generation and mining shared tasks is open.

For each generation task you have registered to, you must submit at least 1 standard run. You may submit up to 4 standard and up to 4 non-standard runs. You can choose which standard run is a "primary" run.

For each mining task you have registered to, you must submit at least 1 standard run. You can submit up to 10 total runs, standard and/or non-standard. You can choose which standard run is a "primary" run.


19 Mar 2010

FAQ has been updated

Answers to four common questions regarding transliteration mining task have been added.


17 Mar 2010

Transliteration mining task does not require test data

The participants of transliteration mining task will submit the mining results on the “training set” with the help of “seed data”. A subset of the “training set” has been annotated by the organiser to evaluate the submissions.


13 Mar 2010

Test data for transliteration generation tasks is available

Test data is available for transliteration generation tasks. It can be downloaded from corpora page. You can only download test data for the tasks to which you have registered by downloading or requesting training and development data.


3 Mar 2010

English-Arabic transliteration mining seed data is available


3 Mar 2010

Seed data for transliteration mining is available

Seed data for all transliteration mining tasks except English-Arabic is available for download. English-Arabic seed data will be available by 4 March 2010.


1 Mar 2010

English-Bengali corpus is available

English-Bengali (English-Bangla) transliteration corpus is available at the corpora download page.


27 Feb 2010

Transliteration mining corpora is available

Training data for transliteration mining is available for download from the corpora page for English-Chinese, English-Hindi, English-Tamil, English-Russian and English-Arabic transliteration mining tasks.


21 Feb 2010

Evaluation script is available for download

Please visit the Evaluation page to download the evaluation script.


19 Feb 2010

Training and development corpora are available

Training and development corpora for each language pair, except English-Bangla, are now available. English-Japanese (EnJa, JnJk), English-Arabic (ArAe) and English-Korean (EnKo) corpora are obtained via request from CJK Institute; other corpora can be downloaded from this website after agreeing to the license terms and conditions of the data owners.

English-Bangla corpus will be available by 26 February.


19 Feb 2010

Whitepaper on Transliteration Generation updated

Version 3 of the Whitepaper is now available.


5 Feb 2010

Whitepaper on Transliteration Generation updated

The Whitepaper on Transliteration Generation Shared Task has been updated. The number of performance evaluation metrics has been reduced to 4. Some bibliography references were corrected.


1 Feb 2010

Shared task is open for registration

Dear participants, registration to participate in NEWS 2010 Shared Task on Transliteration has been open! We will be releasing the transliteration corpora shortly. Registration is required to download transliteration corpora for various language pairs. There are two tasks for participation: transliteration generation and transliteration mining. The details are available in the respective Whitepapers.


13 Jan 2010

Call for papers is out

Please see Call for Papers for the details of the workshop and shared task.


13 Jan 2010

Important dates

Important dates for research paper, shared task and task paper are now available.